cash reserves

Cash reserves

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Cash Investment

A short-term investment into which one deposits cash and receives the return in 90 days or less. Its name derives from the fact that it can quickly be converted to cash if necessary. Examples include money market funds and Treasury bills. They are also called cash reserves or money market investments.
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cash reserves

Investment funds that are held in short-term assets such as Treasury bills and certificates of deposit until more permanent investment opportunities are available. Large cash reserves, indicating a big pool of funds that eventually will be used, may force up the prices of selected investments at the time the funds are invested.
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Saudi Arabia's Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company said it aims to redeem its $400-million sukuk (Islamic bond) by using internal cash reserves.
The cash reserves in consolidated financial statement refer to a combination of cash, cashable assets, short-term financial products that can easily be monetised and deposits in financial organisations.
The Trustee intends to begin withholding the greater of $33,750 or 0.17% of the funds otherwise available for distribution each quarter to gradually increase existing cash reserves by a total of approximately $270,000.
He said "The Sanders team decided to refinance to capture an unusually low rate in today's rising interest rate environment, adding to their cash reserves and supporting their acquisition strategies while maintaining exceptionally low debt to equity." Jordan Sanders, executive vice president of Sanders Equities, said, "Our buy-and-hold strategy, coupled with our low leverage and cash reserves, allows us to be nimble and efficient in our investment approach."
" He added: "A large part of the foreign loans up to about 42% of loans from the Gulf countries, has not been agreed to repay, and another part related to debt Paris Club, which has already exempt Iraq from 80% of foreign debt," noting that " A lot on the Iraqi economy, as well as the destruction of infrastructure, Iraq sought to take advantage of cash reserves and internal borrowing.
He said Petronas' cash reserves rose to RM164.7 billion at the end of March 2018, an increase of RM36.5 billion from RM128.2 billion in the last three months at the end of 2017.
Cyprus's government debt rose in September to e1/419.4bn from e1/418.7bn in June and e1/418.8bn in September 2015, mainly on accumulation of cash reserves by the government, the Public Debt Management Office said.
An investigation by reporter Sherri Buri-McDonald has determined that Trillium patients were suffering from a lack of health care services at a time when Trillium's owners were socking away millions of dollars in cash reserves, an attraction for anyone interested in buying the company.
for a net cash consideration of GBP 3.6m (USD 4.68m), payable from Ideagen's existing cash reserves, the company said.
Summary: Half of the money is for investment and half as a central bank deposit to support cash reserves
Summary: Cash reserves of Indian companies dipped in 2015, mostly due to debt repayment efforts.