Automated teller machine

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Automated teller machine (ATM)

Computer-controlled terminal located on the premises of financial institutions or elsewhere, though which customers may make deposits, withdrawals or other transactions as they would through a bank teller. Other terms sometimes used to describe such terminals are customer-bank communications terminal (CBCT) and remote service unit (RSU). Groups of banks sometimes share ATMs. Sometimes called Automated Banking Machines.
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Automated Teller Machine

Commonly called an ATM. A computer program located in a kiosk allowing the user to conduct certain banking transaction. Most often, an ATM allows the user to withdraw cash, but one may also check the balance of an account, make a deposit, make a payment, or conduct other transaction. The user may be assessed a fee to use an ATM, especially if the user's account is at a bank other than the one that owns the ATM.
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A new survey just published in POST-NEWS predicts that the number of cash dispensers with these extra functions will expand rapidly over the next few years to reach perhaps 50 per cent of the total number installed.
| Before the days when cards were a common feature in people's wallets, early cash dispensers were designed to receive hole-punched vouchers of PS10 each, purchased by the customer from the bank and used in the dispenser when needed.
Makers of cash dispensers have denied that any security loophole exists from their end, but acknowledged that certain cases have come to their notice though these are not widespread.
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Especially now we find that 40 per cent of the cash dispensers charge us, and some of them up to pounds 5.
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