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Standard ISA - this could be a tax-free cash ISA or one where money is invested in stocks and shares.
You can invest in up to three separate ISAs each tax year; a cash ISA (including the Help to Buy: ISA), a stocks and shares ISA and, as of 6th April 2016, an Innovative Finance ISA.
SAVERS are losing out on almost PS1bn by not putting money into their cash Isa accounts, Barclays has warned.
NEARLY 40million people don't know they can save their full PS15,000 allowance into a cash ISA, according to research from Santander.
Q In April I put the full PS5,940 into a five-year fixed rate cash ISA.
The typical amount placed into a cash ISA last year was PS3,704, while SA last year was PS3,704, while the average amount put in a stocks and shares ISA was PS6,163.
Alternatively up to 50 per cent can be put into a cash ISA and the remainder of the PS11,880 allowance, if it is used, will be made up of stocks and shares.
One in five of those surveyed said that they would save more in a cash ISA, while 7% of savers who were questioned say that they will save more in a stocks and shares ISA, with 14% saying that they will save more across both cash and stocks and shares.
Everyone aged over 16 in the UK has a brand new cash ISA allowance, and unless you've already put money in since the tax year started on April 6, you can put PS5,940 in your cash ISA allowance (or up to PS11,880 in stocks and shares).
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-March 25, 2014-HSBC launches Loyalty Cash ISA on mobile banking app