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Founded in 1989, the firm has invested in 72 companies with aggregate value of over $60 billion in the form of traditional buyouts, going-private transactions, recapitalizations, growth capital investments, corporate carve-outs and selective public equity and debt positions.
Kalra, who is now the chairman of newly-set up Shiv Nadar & Sanjay Kalra Associates (SNSK) said, "We are a group of operational executives with capital looking for buy-outs, carve-outs in the healthcare technology space in the US .
Avista is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) formed through the recent, strategic carve-outs of the CMC business of Array BioPharma, Inc.
Companies seeking to optimise their business face complexity in both IFRS and US GP accounting for mergers, acquisitions, initial public offerings and carve-outs.
That's a very bad precedent, and it's raising alarm among American producers worried that other countries will seek their own carve-outs.
We examine the efficiency of initial public offering (IPO) pricing using a sample o[over 300 equity carve-outs from 1985 to 2009.
Aterian's principals have extensive experience investing in complicated situations including corporate carve-outs, restructurings both in and out of bankruptcy, and strategic investments necessary to build and enhance value for all stakeholders.
The lender's ability to include in the loan documentation an extensive list of carve-outs or exceptions to the non-recourse provisions for certain enumerated events or egregious behaviours by the borrower is very much a function of market conditions and the negotiating strength of the parties.
It will be phased-in across the board without any carve-outs.
Loans under this program are non-recourse with no carve-outs, and do not require yield maintenance or defeasance prepayment penalties.
While the emergence of MBHO carve-outs is a development specific to the behavioral health care sector, it has much greater implications in the broader overall study of contracts and market incentives.
For more than 20 years, the Valley has managed to escape the area-code carve-outs that have hit much of the rest of metropolitan Southern California.