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We are going to continue to build on the success of Cartwheel," Carl said.
Running may become a figurative cartwheel provoking nostalgia rather than terror over my inability to perform.
To help realize the potential benefits of using the information from their loyalty programs, Cartwheel strategically assesses the retailers' capabilities to use their data to boost business.
In examining the cartwheel, the girls use Nadia's arm, which they know is half a meter long, as their calibration length.
Borne and his collaborators note that the galaxy's interior contains so little dust that Hubble's wide-field and planetary camera saw right through it, imaging a more distant galaxy that lies directly behind the Cartwheel.
Younger customers are particularly engaged by Cartwheel, officials say.
LEARNING how to cartwheel is one of the skills being taught at gymnastic sessions at Washington Leisure Centre, Washington.
Katie says "Three days choc-a-block with colour, culture and chaos that makes you want to take your shoes off and cartwheel on the concrete, or is that only me?
As well as the evolution of the We Care program, Cartwheel will provide analytical tools and support to Drug Fair and its suppliers.
Girls Hold Up This World by Jada Pinkett Smith Cartwheel, November 2004 $16.
The stunner was dazzled when 18-year-old Everton striker Wayne did a cartwheel after he scored against Switzerland in Euro 2004 last week.
I liked the part where Jimmy couldn't do a cartwheel.