carrying value

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Carrying value

Net Book Value

In accounting, an asset's original price minus depreciation and amortization. For example, if a company bought piece of technological equipment for $100,000 with an absolute physical life of ten years and a patent lasting 20 years, one would account the net book value as the original price and subtract $10,000 per year (for depreciation due to reduced physical life) and $5,000 per year (for amortization).

In accounting a company, the net book value is the value of the company's assets minus the value of its liabilities and intangible assets. Put another way, the book value is the shareholders' equity, or how much the company would be worth if it paid of all of its debts and liquidated immediately. It is also known as the written-down value.

carrying value

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As a result of the sale of the Winn-Dixie certificates, the primary exposure to the Trust from Winn-Dixie backed collateral has been removed, and the Trust has realized losses that have impacted the carry value of the most junior classes of securities held by CapLease.
As a result of this agreement and the assumptions set forth in the agreement, the carry value of Advanta National Bank's residuals was reduced.