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Will you give me another grand if I repaint it white, the most popular car color," I joked with the dealership's 12-year-old sales manager?
The unified design will make the metro project more distinguished and convenient for passengers, especially with each metro line having a different car color code, the commission said.
After more than a decade as the world's favorite car color, silver is falling in popularity to white.
Others have studied car color choices, claiming that certain types of people are attracted to certain car colors.
Because of a source error, the incorrect name and car color were published on Page D3 on Saturday.
In response to the survey, 25 percent said that car color indeed affects their rates.
White was the most prevalent car color for both cases and controls.
Under the scheme, online shoppers can pick up the Isuzu car model, choose the car color, designate the options that go with a particular model, and then negotiate a deal through Priceline.
According to Editor in Chief Michelle Naranjo, "green is definitely not the most popular car color but we think that these cars just might bring the Luck of the Irish to anyone who gets to drive one that is painted green.
Now, thanks to the innovation of their color mixing laboratory, DeBeer Refinish has made it possible for every car refinisher to easily repair this challenging car color category to the highest standard.
These are just two of the interesting color combinations that are setting the trend in new car color schemes.
Variables such as car color, engine type, chassis and many other factors have huge impact on the efficiency of the assembly process.