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Good article but it doesn't mention that in addition to assortative mating, capital concentration, etc.
In the past, MDBs have managed their capital concentration risks mainly through reducing or limiting exposure in countries where lending volumes were especially high.
But there are counter-tendencies to capital concentration and centralization, which would be worth discussing.
7 percent increase Capital concentration, 1 percent increase 0.
Inflows strong across all firm capitalizations as risk tolerance returns Investors allocated new capital to funds of all asset tiers, reflecting a moderation of the capital concentration in the industry's largest firms.
Most banks and bank holding companies with BOLI are well within their 25% capital concentration guidelines.
The merger is one of the capital concentration forms.
But, an intense process of banking capital concentration is currently under way.
Unions, especially those in the Congress of Industrial Organizations, believed that government action was necessary to deal with capital concentration and managerial control of pricing and profits and to seek full employment.
NAFTA would very rapidly contribute to a great increase in the degree of capital concentration in Mexico.
One of the great strengths of his book is its treatment of the ways in which differing levels of capital concentration in the maritime industry affected the development of unionism on the Atlantic and Pacififc coasts.
The Reagan class spent its money on capital concentration rather than investment: on mergers, acquisitions and novel financial instruments rather than on building productive industry and renovating the decrepit social infrastructure.

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