capital appreciation

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Capital appreciation

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capital appreciation

An increase in the market value of a security.
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Capital appreciation.

Any increase in a capital asset's fair market value is called capital appreciation. For example, if a stock increases in value from $30 a share to $60 a share, it shows capital appreciation.

Some stock mutual funds that invest for aggressive growth are called capital appreciation funds.

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capital appreciation

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capital appreciation

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Domestically held cash does not generate any capital appreciation unless you convert it into a tangible asset.
The emerging markets of Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Ho Chi Minh City ranked between eighth and fourteenth for the best opportunity for capital appreciation, however, only Mumbai appeared in the ranking of cities where respondents would like to increase their exposure.
The Federated Hermes Global Small Cap Fund pursues long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in equity and equity-related securities of small-capitalization companies that derive a large proportion of their income from developed markets.
--$137.5 million first tier 2013C (convertible capital appreciation bonds).
Capital appreciation is the increase in the market value of the property against the purchase price.
KEY PLAYER: Michelle Coster, senior manager, capital appreciation plans
Consequently, the Federation would continue to benefit from the annual dividend as well as from the capital appreciation in value of this asset over time.
Abdulaziz Al-Sabt, Brokerage and Shared Services Director, Al Rajhi Capital, added, "The attractiveness of the logistic sector is underpinned by minimal speculative development, strong tenants, long leases, stable recurring income with potential for capital appreciation. The continuing trend towards online sales is expected to accelerate the need for good quality distribution networks which translates into demand for warehouses and other logistics properties near trade routes such as ports and airports".
Returns from a real estate investment are derived from two basic components (i) capital appreciation and (ii) rental returns.
Tokyo, Japan, October 02, 2015 --( The goal of the Ephraim Global Corporate Bond Fund, managed by Hideo Asato, is to deliver satisfactory returns with the potential for capital appreciation by investing mainly in corporate bonds and securities and paying out income each month.
The fund seeks to generate longer-term capital appreciation by investing in companies that meet one or more of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.
Capital appreciation: One of the two components of total return (along with dividend yield), capital appreciation reflects how much the underlying value of a security has increased.

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