capacity utilization rate

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Capacity utilization rate

The percentage of the economy's total plant and equipment that is currently in production. Usually, a decrease in this percentage signals an economic slowdown, while an increase signals economic expansion.

Capacity Utilization Rate

The extent to which a company uses its facilities at capacity, expressed as a percentage. That is, the capacity utilization rate states how much a company produces as a percentage of what it can produce. For example, if a factory produces 1,000 widgets per day but could produce 2,000 for the same cost, it has a capacity utilization rate of 50%. The capacity utilization rate is most useful for companies producing goods rather than services because goods are simply easier to quantify.

capacity utilization rate

the ratio of designed CAPACITY to used capacity.
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say their capacity utilization rates are ramping up towards 100%.
The table below shows capacity utilization rates on annual basis since 2007.
The program also comes with CBA's free Leading Indicators index, which encompasses global labor rates, a novel geographic risk factors algorithm, capacity utilization rates, and other data.
com) predicts the continued increase in sales of IC units will strengthen lab capacity utilization rates, driving ASPs upward, thus fueling a forecasted upswing in the semiconductor cycle in 2006.
The companies have also begun to discuss comprehensive collaboration in development, such as design environments and product development, as well as collaboration in manufacturing to achieve more efficient use of capital investment and increase capacity utilization rates.
In both North America and Western Europe, carbon black capacity utilization rates should continue to increase through 2008 and exceed 90%, while Japan is expected to maintain its 100% capacity utilization rate.
Steel mill capacity utilization rates in North America remain healthy, as auto sales, the building industry and other manufacturing sectors experience a mild recovery.
The monthly increase in automotive output had an effect on capacity utilization rates for the industry; the operating rate rebounded to 72.
Although recent months have shown signs of a strengthening industrial sector, including rising capacity utilization rates at the nation's factories, manufacturing plant construction has yet to see much in the way of sustained improvement.
In the United States, new capital formation will flatten as capacity utilization rates fall.
Despite the industry's recent upturn, the ductile iron pipe market remains slow, with overall pipe shop melt capacity utilization rates in the 60-65% range.
As indicated in the Notice at the end of this article, the capacity utilization rates have been revised beginning in January 1995.