Canadian Venture Exchange

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Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX)

The Canadian marketplace for trading securities of emerging companies. The CDNX resulted from a merger of the Alberta Stock Exchange and the Vancouver Stock Exchange following a 1999 agreement among Canada's four exchanges to form three specialized exchanges. The exchange specializes in trading small- and medium-cap equity issues, while the Toronto Stock Exchange serves as the Canadian exchange for large-cap issues. The Canadian Venture Exchange is headquartered in Calgary with trading facilities in Vancouver.
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MPL's shares are traded under the symbol MPZ on the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX), which was launched in 1999 with the merger of the Vancouver and Alberta stock exchanges.
He founded, put his privacy guard on sale on his website and soon found a buyer in the mining exploration company, which is listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange.
Steve Pepper and Barry Martland have turned their Canadian financial publishing company, MPL Communications, into a publicly traded company on the Canadian Venture Exchange as the first step in their plans for succession in both management and ownership.
Delta Systems is traded on the Canadian Venture Exchange (TSX: DLT.S), but all of its financial information is reported in U.S.
Delta, traded on the Canadian Venture Exchange, reports all of its financial information in U.S.
One company, Delta Systems Inc., the Rogers motion control company that's traded on the Canadian Venture Exchange, will not file its annual report until later this month.

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