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As mentioned before, we hypothesize that the main factor causing the seasonal patterns in bond returns is the Canada Savings Bonds (CSBs).
The federal government of Canada conducts its fundraising activities in the credit markets using primarily three instruments: T-Bills (issued weekly), Canada Savings Bonds (issued annually), and marketable bonds (whenever needed, usually at least once a month).
To this point, they have been making their own investment decisions which generally include laddered GICs and Canada Savings Bonds.
They realize that there are alternatives to the GICs and Canada Savings Bonds which formed the bulk of their portfolio.
First-and second-place Canadian winning teams will each receive Canada Savings Bonds of comparable issue price respectively (based on current exchange rate at time of purchase).
7 percent own Canada Savings Bonds or T-bills, compared to 25.
One in four women owns Canada Savings Bonds or T-bills, the second-largest ratio in the country.
8 percent overall) and in Canada Savings Bonds or T-bills (30.

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