callable bond

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Callable Bond

A bond that may be redeemed before maturity. Callability allows the bond to be called at the discretion of the issuer within certain limits. When the bond is called, the bondholder receives the par value (or sometimes a bit more) and does not receive any more coupons. Callable bonds are issued to allow the issuers to hedge against interest rate risk. That is, if interest rates fall significantly, the issuer can call the bond and issue a new bond at a lower interest rate, reducing its liabilities. However, to protect the bondholder, most callable bonds also include call protection which prevents the bonds from being called for a certain period of time and thereby guarantees the current interest rate for that time.
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callable bond

A bond that is subject to redemption by its issuer before maturity.
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Callable bond.

A callable bond can be redeemed by the issuer before it matures if that provision is included in the terms of the bond agreement, or deed of trust.

Bonds are typically called when interest rates fall, since issuers can save money by paying off existing debt and offering new bonds at lower rates. If a bond is called, the issuer may pay the bondholder a premium, or an amount above the par value of the bond.

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The second tranche consists of EGP 353m, 36-month callable bond with a variable yield of 90 bps over the net after tax return on 182-day Egyptian T-Bills.
Property company Victoria Park AB (STO:VICPA) on Monday announced that it is sending notice to all bondholders on 20 May 2019, under the terms and conditions of the company's outstanding senior unsecured callable bond loan, to exercise its right to redeem in full all bonds on 17 June 2019.
He said that ORPIC took out its deposit for the contract which was set aside as a form of callable bond.
The gas is used for power generation and that's of course a key component to keeping the lights on in Erbil and other cities in the Kurdistan region." - Convertible bonds The callable bond's surging yield means that the security, which is relatively illiquid, is receiving "weak" bids, Deepti S.M.
If they had issued a callable bond, the market would have demanded a higher initial interest rate.
Given half of the USD 24s were called in May and another half are expected to be called in November, we expect the government to issue around USD 1.5bn in due course USD 0.5bn to make the USD 2bn target for the year and USD 1bn to replace the callable bond. A USD 1.5bn issuance should more than suffice to cover this year's financing needs and we expect it to leave the government with a decent amount of fiscal reserves for 2014.
In a world without inflation, default-free callable bond yields would be readily available from GNMA ("Ginnie Mae") pass-through mortgage-backed securities (MBS).
The chart at the lower left takes a common callable bond, the 30-year Government National Mortgage Association bond, and subtracts, as an estimate of inflation, the yield difference between a 10-year Treasury bond and a 10-year TIIS.
The following section will discuss how the value (and yield) of a callable bond differs from a noncallable bond.
A callable bond permits an issuer to retire its debt prior to maturity.