call price

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Call price

The price, specified at issuance, at which the issuer of a bond may retire part of the bond at a specified call date.
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Call Price

1. The price at which a bond may be redeemed by the issuer before maturity. The price is set at the time of the issue. Call prices are set to reduce the issuer's risk of default; that is, the issuer may have a concern that it will not be able to make all coupon payments and redemptions at maturity and may cut its losses by redeeming at the call price.

2. The price at which a company may buy out its own preferred stock. The price is set at the time the preferred stock is issued. Reasons for exercising a stock call price include a desire to reduce dividends paid to preferred stockholders and a desire to increase earnings on common stock.
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call price

The price at which an issuer may, at its option, repurchase a security for redemption before the security's maturity. For bonds, the call price often declines over the life of the security until it reaches par value at maturity. Also called redemption price. See also extraordinary call, optional call, provisional call trigger price, sinking fund call.
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