call price

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Call price

The price, specified at issuance, at which the issuer of a bond may retire part of the bond at a specified call date.

Call Price

1. The price at which a bond may be redeemed by the issuer before maturity. The price is set at the time of the issue. Call prices are set to reduce the issuer's risk of default; that is, the issuer may have a concern that it will not be able to make all coupon payments and redemptions at maturity and may cut its losses by redeeming at the call price.

2. The price at which a company may buy out its own preferred stock. The price is set at the time the preferred stock is issued. Reasons for exercising a stock call price include a desire to reduce dividends paid to preferred stockholders and a desire to increase earnings on common stock.

call price

The price at which an issuer may, at its option, repurchase a security for redemption before the security's maturity. For bonds, the call price often declines over the life of the security until it reaches par value at maturity. Also called redemption price. See also extraordinary call, optional call, provisional call trigger price, sinking fund call.
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The marketing director of Smart IT Solution Company, Sameh Abdul Al-Ghani, said that most mobile users were not interested in charging their call units as a result of the high call prices during the past three years, and more often depend on new apps to make calls such as Line, Facebook or others which can be downloaded on smartphones.
2013 ARPU for Cambodia faces downside risks from potential price wars, with recommendations from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) that the minimum call prices could be lowered.
According to the Commission there is a 774 per cent difference in phone call prices across the EU with Lithuania being the cheapest country, at 2.
LEADING telecom companies Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular have increased voice call prices after withdrawing promotional offers citing rising costs.
Full MVNO Virgin Mobile France is planning to slash its international call prices for prepaid customers from 14 November.
Mobily said the permanent discount on the voice call prices while roaming in GCC has now become SR1.
Not only does it cap SMS prices, but it also lengthens the decreasing ceiling on call prices up to 2012 (see Europolitics 3739).
They say prison call prices remain high despite a 60% drop in the cost of other basic telephone services, and claims the existing service seeks to prevent competition.
The European Commission stated that international wireless call prices should equate more to domestic call prices.
The operator had apparently advertised its call prices as starting from zero euros per minute but failed to list key prices.
Instead, he says, Telmex seeks to reduce operational costs and increase productivity, "synergies that will, over the medium term, gradually reduce phone call prices," including with America Movil's Claro wireless brand in Brazil.
Beleaguered bosses hit back at the Consumer Choice Magazine which claimed eircom's local and foreign call prices were too high.