call date

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Call date

A date before maturity, specified at issuance, when the issuer of a bond may retire part of the bond for a specified call price.
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Call Date

The first date on which a callable bond may be called by the issuer. Most callable bonds contain a provision preventing a bond from being called for a certain period of time. Interest payments are guaranteed during this period, but not afterward. The bond may be prematurely redeemed at any point after the call date. See also: Call protection.
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call date

The date on which a security can be repurchased by the issuer at a predetermined price. The call date is established by the issuer at the time a security is issued.
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ENPNewswire-August 5, 2019--Medicure Q2 2019 Results and Conference Call Dates
The Chester school board is mulling the refinancing of bonds that are nearing their call dates, after hearing from one brokerage expert that the district could save significant money.
The notes qualify as Restricted Tier 1 capital under Solvency II and will be treated as 100% equity in Fitch's Prism Factor-Based Model and our financial debt leverage calculation, given that they are non-cumulative perpetual instruments with no step-ups on call dates. However, the notes will be treated as 100% debt in our total financing and commitments ratio, in common with any other debt instrument.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 27, 2018-Sunoco LP maintains distribution for quarter & updates 1Q 2018 earnings call dates
"We consider the proposed hybrid capital securities to have "intermediate" equity content until their first call dates, which are not expected to be before 2018, because they meet our hybrid capital criteria in terms of their subordination, permanence, and optional deferability during this period.
Maybe, we can call dates one of the blessed fruits and the bread of the desert.
The first call dates on the 2009-B and 2009-C securities are 15 November 2011 and 17 January 2012, respectively.
The tender for SEB's two USD-denominated capital contribution securities with first call dates in March 2014 and March 2015 is still in the process, the bank added.
Tier 1 notes are also called hybrids and are typically structured as perpetual securities with call dates. The bank's senior debt is rated AA- by Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings and Aa2 by Moody's Investors Service.
Second, we look at the distribution of call dates, which play a pivotal role in the asymmetric information and underinvestment models.
The notes are expected to be issued with a fixed coupon, with interest rate reset and call dates at the first call date between seven and 10 years after issue and thereafter at every fifth anniversary.