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For the last two years, teams of Intel software engineers have been actively engaged in a number of projects directed at tuning the performance of the Java language on the Intel Architect system performance, as measured by the CaffeineMark, often depends more on the Java virtual machine softwarhe Java compiler market for Windows(a) PCs, toutside the developer community, applications cactive in developing high-performance implementations of audio and video for use by Java developers seeking earlier this month.
Enhancements have been implemented in the compiler to make it even faster; it is now the fastest shipping JIT compiler ever -faster than Microsoft's Virtual Machine according to several benchmarks including Caffeinemark, jMark and BYTEMARK.
20 yielded an Embedded CaffeineMark of 6564, compared with 61 for interpreted byte code.
In tests conducted using Pendragon Software's CaffeineMark 2.
CaffeineMark scores for Sun's 200MHz UltraSPARC-II running Solaris 2.
0 on a P5 class Compaq Deskpro 5166 machine according to the CaffeineMark independent Internet benchmarks.
The fully-routed 24Kc core with Virage Logic libraries and memories delivers 2,664 CaffeineMarks at 333 MHz.
0 compilation CaffeineMarks/MHz Not specified Java Performance, Direct 2,664 compilation CaffeineMarks Not specified