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Cincinnati Stock Exchange (CSE)

Stock exchange based in Cincinnati that is the only fully automated stock exchange in the US. It has no trading floor, but handles all members' transactions using computers.

National Stock Exchange

The oldest fully electronic stock exchange in the United States. Founded as the Cincinnati Stock Exchange in 1885, it closed its trading floor in 1980 and became America's first fully computerized exchange, largely due to the efforts of Bernard Madoff. Six years later, it became the first exchange to adopt the Intermarket Trading System, which allowed its members to interface with all other exchanges.


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Karim Hajji, CEO of Casablanca Stock Exchange said, "The creation of the FTSE CSE Morocco 15 index and the FTSE CSE Morocco All-liquid index is an important step toward the internationalisation of the Casablanca Stock Exchange.
Using the CSE server, located and managed from our premises, we offer our customers a managed remote technical support service that allows us to easily reach their networks to do granular tech support.
Karim Hajji, CEO of Casablanca Stock Exchange said the creation of the FTSE CSE Morocco 15 index and the FTSE CSE Morocco All-liquid index was an important step toward the internationalisation of the Casablanca bourse.
Pilotlight Cymru's aim is to encourage business people in Wales to use their skills and experience to help small and medium sized CSEs thrive.
Alan McCartney, the managing director who led the MBO, said: "With an excellent management team and some of the best specialists in our field, CSE will continue our work in ensuring the integrity of the systems and software that are vital to our clients' operations, safety and security wherever they are in the world.
The March 2015 problem profile is the latest confidential report obtained by the Birmingham Mail in this newspaper's long-running campaign on CSE, which has resulted in police and local authorities now routinely releasing data.
The law also envisions the transfer of CSE permanent staff's provident fund benefits to their CySEC post.
After the March 2013 bailout imposed on Bank of Cyprus, that used to account for about half of all trades on the CSE, the stock was reinstated in December 2014 and has since helped double daily trades from 307,000 euros last year to an average 645,000 euros to date this year.
In addition to the messages themselves, the CSE also holds on to metadata, which identifies who sent an email, as well as when and where.
We strive to respond to all CSE issues and there is a huge amount of work to provide training, share intelligence, raise awareness and develop local practices in the protection of children and young people.
The CSE Support staff has an outstanding record of managing software and projects for companies as large as Fortune 500, including systems, processes, software, and products, among others.
However, if CSE is assisting another agency that has a valid legal claim or warrant, an exception, known as Assistance Mandate, might be made, which can be used as a legal basis for performing intercept operations against Canadians.