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It also awards the CRS Designation to experienced REALTORS who have completed advanced professional training and demonstrated outstanding professional achievement in residential real estate.
There are numerous other online resources for CRS reports, including subscription databases.
Justifying the cost of CRS implementation project is not like doing a financial analysis on capital goods.
While survival assistance continues in many areas, the second phase of relief, what CRS calls rehabilitation--rebuilding roads, canals, homes, buildings, irrigation systems, and farms--is also underway.
Individuals with CRS have sometimes been described as having difficulty accepting changes in their routine/environment.
Local leaders make all decisions about their own situations; CRS staff members do not dictate the solutions but do provide guidance if requested.
CRS is an entrepreneurial business that enjoys success by providing outstanding service to our customers.
New this year is the debut of CRS 210: "Building an Exceptional Customer Service Referral Business," which will be held prior to Sell-a-bration 2003, January 28-29.
InPhonic is pleased and excited to provide the latest communications tools to serve the needs of the CRS members.
Now these indigenous farmers survive on monthly rations from CRS and other nongovernmental agencies while scanning the horizons for any sign of relief.
Ralph Steedman, president and CEO noted that a good portion of the work was performed on CRS automated lab systems.
As most of the donors come from local communities, this financing option is inadequate and irregular for CRS operating in remote areas and for the marginalized sections of the society.