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Editors: For digital photos of CRS Officers and board members, contact CRSCommunications@crs.
CRS Report R41941, The Obama Administration's Cybersecurity Proposal: Criminal Provisions, by Gina Stevens
There are numerous other online resources for CRS reports, including subscription databases.
While survival assistance continues in many areas, the second phase of relief, what CRS calls rehabilitation--rebuilding roads, canals, homes, buildings, irrigation systems, and farms--is also underway.
Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York City who had been working with individuals with CRS since the epidemic of the 1960's.
Conflicts addressed by CRS can be internal to a particular organization (public or private), municipal department, or school system or involve allegations from outside the department or organization.
CRS will use STAR in an environment consisting of multi-vendor IBM PX-AT and Compaq/386 compatible machines, all of which will be connected to a token ring network.
The Medallion Award recognizes CRS Designees who have not only excelled in their real estate careers, but have also volunteered their time and expertise to serve the Council and its members.
For each topic, CRS reports are listed first and then followed by tables with reports from other organizations.
In addition, plans are under way for InPhonic to configure, host and manage the CRS Wireless Network, a custom-built, unified communications application that provides agents with centralized access to e-mail, voicemail, facsimile, contact management and calendar functions.
The CRS team happened upon the emaciated child and her mother at a mountainside food distribution this same morning near El Chucte mountain, in Guatemala's department of Chiquimula.