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Commodity Research Bureau

An organization that produces an index that tracks the price movements of 17 commodities. The CRB index does not follow any one commodity sector, but rather the general direction of commodities overall. The CRB index is watched by both commodity and bond investors because the prices of commodities and bonds tend to move in opposite directions due to inflation.

Certified Residential Broker (CRB)

A designation awarded by the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers (,which is affiliated with the National Association of REALTORS®.

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Flintshire councillors, however, believe that CRB checks should be carried out on all members following elections, by-elections and any change to the make up of the cabinet, committees or panels.
Working with CRB gives us an idea of what the needs are of commercial companies and how they work in business.
Licensing committee chairman Councillor John Thomas said a CRB check was not an absolute legal requirement.
CRB quickly realised that raising awareness alone was not enough to convince companies in Dubai of the benefits of CSR and sustainability.
Chris Owens, of Llandudno-based Alpine Travel, said his company had needed separate CRB clearance for each of four Welsh councils.
The CRB is well-established and is a centre of excellence for the whole of the country.
A CRB check can be requested only by the organisation a person is working for.
Having a large partner that shares our enthusiasm of the CRB and believes in its potential is a significant step for the project.
The CRB, which vets all staff starting new jobs working with children and other vulnerable groups such as hospital patients, eventually admitted the mistake.
School staff with unsupervised access to children are now subject to the highest level of check by the CRB - the so-called "enhanced" disclosure of information.
The CRB fellows were all given a medallion showing on one side America offering a sheaf of wheat to a man, woman and child, with a freighter in the background above the date 1914.
But despite applying for his CRB approval to be renewed in November, the dad is still waiting for the green light to start working again.