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A measure of inflation. See: Consumer Price Index.

Consumer Price Index

A measure of inflation in the United States that considers what people spend on staple goods and services. It is calculated by taking the average of changes in price to a basket of goods and services compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor. The goods and services in the basket are weighted according to their perceived importance. The CPI is considered a primary tool in determining how people are experiencing inflation.


Consumer price index (CPI).

The consumer price index (CPI) is compiled monthly by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and is a gauge of inflation that measures changes in the prices of basic goods and services.

Some of the things it tracks are housing, food, clothing, transportation, medical care, and education.

The CPI is used as a benchmark for making adjustments in Social Security payments, wages, pensions, and tax brackets to keep them in tune with the buying power of the dollar. It's often incorrectly referred to as the cost-of-living index.


See consumer price index.

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Something had to be done, and for those with negotiating leverage the answer was to change the CPI formula
8) This figure represents the average of the adjustment factors used in the CPI from 1988 to 1999.
Upper-level substitution bias arises from substitution among these items that is not captured by the CPI, such as between chicken and beef or between breakfast cereal and other breakfast items.
BLS officials said they will monitor price changes in the experimental CPI until the end of the year and then decide what types of categories would be appropriate for use of the new averaging process and which should be unchanged.
The consequences of plaintiff's expressed plans to vigorously secure more cash from CPI was shown to have a ripple effect upon CPI's business vitality and upon its reputation among key financial lenders," the judge wrote.
A CPI fix will also affect income redistribution arguments.
Many would pay higher taxes too, because the tax code uses CPI as the basis for raising the standard deduction, personal exemptions and the income levels where higher tax rates kick in.
Currently, the CPI is based on a fixed market basket of goods that is overhauled only once every 10 years and thus doesn't reflect recent changes.
CPI develops patents for presence-based interactions, desktop video, recorded and live media at the desktop, multimedia documents, data sharing, and a service-rich video network architecture.
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