Cost-of-Savings Index

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Cost-of-Savings Index (COSI)

One of many interest rate indexes used to determine interest rate adjustments on an adjustable rate mortgage.

See Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)/ARM Rate Indexes.

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Cosi facile scaco il vedere Amor mago ne l'operationi sue; ma come egli sia mago celato in gran parte fra l'ombre della dificulta giacciuto, et hora sara da me tratto alla luce."
Under the temporary regulations, a distribution was taken into account for purposes of the COSI requirement, if it were made "in connection with" a potential reorganization.
Loose ends are left untied, problems remain unsolved, and there is no attempt to produce a single, unified vision of Cosi. But that may be all to the good: a neatly packaged reading of the opera might have appeared more satisfying, but it would have done a fundamental disservice to a work where dramatic and musical paradoxes are built into its very fabric.
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Cosi fan Tutte runs at Leeds Grand until February 26 and will be at The Lowry at Salford Quays in Manchester from March 16-18.
Suspend your incredulity, and Cosi is one of the finest of masterpieces: the perfect chance to pander to your sophisticated side.
According to a BBS employee, Cosi contacted the company to arrange a promotional free catered luncheon to get their food and name out there.
Cosi fan tutte, directed by Paul Higgins and conducted by James Burton, is sung in English against a pastoral set with a cast including Laura Mitchell, Kitty Whately and Paula Sides.
Then we have Cosi fan tutte which is the other end of the spectrum as it is very light.
Previously he has appeared in Cosi Fan Tutte with one of the greatest bass baritones of all time, Donald Maxwell, and counts himself fortunate to have been given an insight into the role of Don Alfonso by the maestro.
Cosi Inc (Nasdaq:COSI), an operator of a chain of fast casual restaurants, announced on Thursday that it has filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a rights offering to its existing shareholders.