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COLT (Continuous on-line trading system)

Computerized OTC traders assistance system that provides for trade entry and position monitoring, among other functions.

Continuous Online Trading System

A computerized order-entry system that sends buy or sell orders for over-the-counter trades. It is used to automatically execute orders, and allow users to monitor their positions.
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Colt aims to be the leader in enabling customers' digital transformation through agile and on-demand, high bandwidth solutions.
Pot D: Edinburgh City, Spartans, University of Stirling, Cumbernauld Colts, Clyde, Queen's Park, Annan.
As the company enters the next phase of integration with Colt, it has decided to adopt the Colt brand across all KVH markets to reflect its new legal entity names and further unite the companies.
Colt confirms that as at 19 June 2015 it had 896,653,690 ordinary shares in issue and admitted to trading on the main market of the London Stock Exchange under the International Securities Identification Number LU0253815640.
Of course it must be stressed not all 1911s were produced in the Colt factory.
James, respectful of the man and the company, says, "With Samuel Colt himself being perhaps the greatest firearm entrepreneur ever, it's only fitting that the company's back in the business of actively selling guns to the public.
The Colt Juro has a three-year/unlimited mileage warranty together with a pan-European roadside assistance package.
The basic concept for consumable items is the same under COLT as it is under the SBSS demand level (DL).
The two-year-old colt is currently in training with Godolphin in New market.
Not a bad day, but Colt had disappeared and our crew suffered from not riding all together and pushing each other at each spot.
will be introducing a new product called Colt Ice Beer in the Detroit, Indianapolis and Cleveland markets.
COLT Telecom Group, one of a stable of embattled young communications operators, secured its future yesterday with a pounds 400 million share issue backed by its biggest shareholder.