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COBOL (Common Business Orientated Language)

a COMPUTER programming language used for business applications.
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Drawing on our ecosystem of legacy modernization partners, COBOL-IT provides the technology for an integrated solution to a wide variety of complex modernization challenges, including requirements for both COBOL and languages other than COBOL.
In this case, the COBOL and CICS for business, file, and database processing remain the same so the need for program maintenance and enhancement continues.
The Company designs, develops, and markets innovative solutions for extending the life of vital COBOL business systems.
Course content includes how to understand, design, code, test and debug COBOL programs.
As a Microsoft Enterprise Development Partner, we want to ensure that Fujitsu COBOL not only fully supports Microsoft's advanced technologies but fully exploits those technologies across the entire enterprise and provides the fastest COBOL with unmatched reliability and scalability for the Windows platforms.
As the industry standard for COBOL, Micro Focus enables organizations to maximize ROI while reducing development costs for accelerated business success.
UNICAST/2000-PC for UNISYS COBOL is currently being used in IAI's Fairfax solutions factory to remediate 2.
How to "instantly" Web-enable COBOL programs through the pure Java thin client features of isCOBOL Server
The powerful combination of Oracle Web Application Server and Fujitsu's COBOL Cartridge will enable developers to take advantage of legacy systems to deliver compelling Web applications.
Delonge, along with the rest of the Veryant staff, are experts in COBOL maintenance and modernization.