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COBOL (Common Business Orientated Language)

a COMPUTER programming language used for business applications.
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COBOL-IT was founded to help organisations preserve the functionality of strategic COBOL applications.
According to various estimates, COBOL remains the language of over 60% of the programs used daily by enterprises around the world.
According to the company, CIO has been designed to work with a wide variety of COBOL dialects, including Micro Focus COBOL, ACUCOBOL and RM COBOL.
That in turn means that there will be a continuing demand for COBOL programmers with perhaps 90% of the work as maintenance and enhancement of old programs and 10% new program development.
For more than 16 years, Acucorp has provided COBOL solutions for the VMS environment," explained Cameron Jenkins, Acucorp's vice president, strategic partnerships.
Featuring unparalleled portability to more than 600 different platforms including virtually all distributions of Linux, Acucorp's extend product suite offers innovative technologies to support COBOL interoperability with J2EE, .
Enterprise companies worldwide have standardized on COBOL as the cornerstone of their mission-critical computing solutions.
As hardware vendors announce the discontinuation of current platforms, organizations are looking at mitigating the risk involved during their migration while future proofing their COBOL application assets," said Tony Hill, chairman and chief executive officer of Micro Focus.