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Continuous net settlement (CNS)

Method of securities clearing and settlement using a clearing house, which matches transactions to securities available, resulting in one net receive or deliver position at the end of the day.

Continuous Net Settlement

A clearing practice in which all buy and sell orders are settled within a brokerage firm. That is, all buy and sell orders are offset against each other on a particular trading day, such that only orders that are "left over" remain to be settled. This results in fewer securities needing to be moved into or out of a particular brokerage.


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Clinical Network Services (CNS) is an integrated service group focused on product development headquartered in Australia with offices in New Zealand, the UK and the USA, which creates value for small-medium sized biotechnology companies by progressing early stage products through phase 1 & 2 clinical trials and the marketplace sooner.
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CNSs have an enormous impact on the quality of patient care, decreasing healthcare costs, decreasing hospital length of stay, and preventing hospital readmissions (Duffy, Daniels, Mittelstadt, & Muller, 2014).
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is the most common lymphoid neoplasms in adults; accounting for approximately 32.5% of NHLs diagnosed annually.1 Secondary central nervous system (CNS) involvement in DLBCL includes an isolated CNS relapse or CNS involvement with systemic disease.
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