consolidated metropolitan statistical area

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consolidated metropolitan statistical area (CMSA)

See metropolitan area.
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Formative assessments (SLEs) Summative assessments (AoPs) Assessment for CbD Assessment of learning learning Mini-CEX OSATS * Part of the summative * Formal quality process feedback OSATS * Measures of competence * Reflective MSF practice Part of this e-portfolio for contribution to the Part of this high-stakes exams, and will e-portfolio for be accessed by CMSA discussion at educational supervisor meetings, and will not be accessed by CMSA AoPs = assessments of performance; CbD = case-based discussion; Mini-CEX = mini-clinical-evaluation exercise; MSF = multisource feedback; OSATS = objective structured assessments of technical skills; SLEs = supervised learning events Adapted by author from Parry-Smith W, Mahmud A, Landau A, Hayes K.
Achieving this within a defined 4-year training period while honouring the dictates of the employer (clinical training body), the university (academic body), the CMSA (assessment/examining body) and the HPCSA (registering body) is a balancing act.
14 Portland-Salem, OR-WA CMSA 3,116 $863,130,441 $276,999
Some registrars undertake "subspecialist" training in Breast or Endocrine Surgery and Transplantation at UCT, which is not formally recognised by the HPCSA or CMSA.
The relevant guidelines, a series of FAQs on the salient features of the CMSA 2012, the Sales Practices Guidelines and relevant changes effected by the amendments, will be made available at the SC website.
The main goal of the CMSA is to predict the energy failure.
On entry to the circuit training group she achieved maximum scores in CMSA arm subsection and the MAS upper arm and hand subsections.
Tera designed CMSA to allow new functionality to be added through plug-ins, access to local and other services, and through new content definitions.
The 2002 Evaluation noted that Trust Company's performance exceeded the performance of lenders in the aggregate ("aggregate lenders") in the New York CMSA and that the high cost of real estate and the relatively low incomes in the New York CSMA limited home ownership opportunities for low-income families.
The New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island CMSA finished second with the addition of 1.
High Immigration and High Domestic Migration Metros, 1990-97 Rank Metropolitan Area [*] High Immigration Metros 1 New York CMSA 2 Los Angeles CMSA 3 San Francisco CMSA 4 Chicago CMSA 5 Miami CMSA 6 Washington, DC CMSA 7 Houston CMSA 8 Dallas-Ft.
The plant's flexible, innovative design, coupled with skillful operation by plant staff under the direction of Phil Fry, CMSA superintendent, allowed CMSA to handle high flows during the fullest force of the El Nino rains and to more than meet treatment requirements.