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Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)

A major exchange trading only stocks, with 90% of trades taking place on an automated execution system, called MAX.

Chicago Stock Exchange

A stock exchange in the United States. Established in 1882, it merged with a number of other exchanges during the 20th century and was known as the Midwest Stock Exchange until 1993. In the 1980s, it became one of the first stock exchanges to automate its order executions. A publicly-traded company does not need to be listed on the Exchange in order to trade on it. It provides the CHX Matching System, which allows some of its securities to trade on other exchanges, and vice versa.


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He said that CHX product would be kept in every kit of lady health workers to benefit mothers and newborns at grass root level.
CHX, Vice president, Application Development, Bob Garrett, said : "I am confident CHX is getting the lowest latency it could possibly achieve using Informatica Ultra Messaging.
Higher mean MS counts in saliva were observed in CBHE mouthrinse group compared to CHX group at all the time intervals.
The main adverse effects of CHX rinse are staining of the teeth, calculus formation, and altered taste sensation.
We have implemented a fee structure which will reward loyal active customers while providing a strong basic plan for customers who access CHX on a less regular basis," stated CHX CEO Dave Herron.
CHX assumes no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking information or statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.
In conversations with customers we saw demand for extended trading hours," explained CHX CEO Dave Herron.
As CHX attracts additional customers and activity with the new platform, competitive pricing and high levels of service, existing CHX participants will continue to have the ability to service their clients' needs with enhanced technology and continued utilization of the CHX routing network.
CONTACT: Drew Mauck for CHX, +1-773-203-5456, dmauck@strategicsinc.
CHX CEO, Dave Herron, added, "We believe that this is an ideal blend of investors with ability to bring together retail, institutional and professional trading activity.
CHICAGO -- CHX today announced that during September the Exchange established several new post Regulation NMS implementation volume records.