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Renal insufficiency is the most common complications of CHF. ANCHOR, CHARM2,3 and other large clinical trial results show that the incidence of renal insufficiency in CHF patients is 36%-57%.
There was tachycardia and hypotension in all the patients; however, the mean pulse rate in CHF positive patients was significantly high (p = < 0.001) and systolic blood pressure was significantly low (p = < 0.001).
As soon as CHF is diagnosed in a patient, gut microbiota need to be continually investigated, says Dr.
In a prospective cohort study of 1506 patients with chronic CHF, 753 patients had absolute or functional iron deficiency according to the above definition.
Patients consecutively admitted in Zhongshan Hospital from December 2013 to November 2014 were eligibly enrolled to this cross-sectional study if they were (1) male or female age [greater than or equal to] 40 years; (2) diagnosed with CHD, complicating CHF symptoms or not; (3) willing to provide written informed consent.
CHF mortality and ILI data were not available for one week during the 2003-04 season (CDC week 40) and CHF mortality data were not available for four weeks during the 2006-07 season (CDC weeks 48-51).
Germany is a first time donor to the Sudan CHF but has long-been a committed donor to the Sudan since 2000.
Khartoum, 20 May (SUNA) - Ireland has announced a contribution of USD 1.6 million to the 2015 Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) 2015, which comes at a time funding for humanitarian action in Sudan is limited and humanitarian needs are growing.
Boston, MA, May 08, 2015 --( Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Pipeline Analysis gives comprehensive insight on the various drugs being developed for the treatment of CHF.