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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

An experienced financial analyst who has passed examinations in economics, financial accounting, portfolio management, security analysis, and standards of conduct given by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts.

Chartered Financial Analyst

A professional certificate offered through the CFA Institute. The certification qualifies one to be a financial analyst. In order to qualify for a CFA, one must have worked a certain number of years in the financial industry and complete three tiers of exams on accounting, money management, economics, security analysis, and ethics.


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With 655 employees and 55 branches across the country, the Ivorian subsidiary has total assets of 850 billion CFA francs ($1.
A special court in Senegal sentenced the son of former president Abdoulaye Wade on Monday to six years in prison for corruption and ordered him to pay a 138 billion CFA franc ($228 million) fine, dashing his hopes of competing in elections due in 2017.
In this context, the decision to retain the CFA franc, a freely convertible common currency that is pegged to the euro at a significantly overvalued exchange rate, is a dubious one.
With a budget of 50 billion CFA francs, the Bollore Group intends to invest, between 2012 and 2013, in several development projects including a high-speed train link between Yaounde and Douala, as well as renewable energy projects.
He was said to have campaigned vigorously for Conde during the election campaign and contributed up to 25m CFA francs (pounds 32,000) to the cause.
Trafigura is proposing 750,000 CFA francs ($1,683) for each victim," he said.
He would go on tour in the country laden with bags of cash, giving 20 million CFA francs here, and 30 million there, solving big and small problems affecting neighborhoods, attending weddings, resolving divorce issues, paying teachers, civil servants, farmers, etc.
The Court held that Niger was accountable for its failure and must pay her 10,000,000 CFA Francs in reparation.
The court sentenced Niger to pay ten million CFA francs ($19 030) in damages and accumulated interest.
Owners would pay [approximately equal to] 400-700 CFA francs (US $0.
A truckload of wood can bring in 200,000 to 300,000 African CFA francs (US $440 to $660).