Chartered Financial Analyst

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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

An experienced financial analyst who has passed examinations in economics, financial accounting, portfolio management, security analysis, and standards of conduct given by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts.

Chartered Financial Analyst

A professional certificate offered through the CFA Institute. The certification qualifies one to be a financial analyst. In order to qualify for a CFA, one must have worked a certain number of years in the financial industry and complete three tiers of exams on accounting, money management, economics, security analysis, and ethics.

chartered financial analyst (CFA)

A financial analyst who has met certain standards of experience, knowledge, and conduct as determined by the Association for Investment Management and Research. The successful candidate must pass examinations covering economics, security analysis, portfolio management, financial accounting, and standards of conduct.
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This recognition by The Financial Engineer is validation for our efforts to provide students the education they need to prepare to take the CFA exam," she said.
The CFA exam is a three-level exam covering topics including Ethical and Professional Standards, Quantitative Methods, Economics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Corporate Finance, Investment Tools, Asset Classes, and Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning.
Summary: CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals, announced today that 139,900 candidates from 160 countries have enrolled for the CFA exam in June 2010.
References to the CFA Exam are incorporated throughout.
We offered exclusive access to the CFA exam grading center to Dow Jones, The Nikkei Financial Daily (Japan), and National Public Radio," explains Rich Wyler, vice president of public relations and advertising.
He also credits the CFM exam with helping him be prepared for level one of the CFA exam, which he sat for recently.
a new credential that already has more than 5,000 advisors enrolled - and a CFA exam prep program.
The continued growth of our partnership with such a highly respected organization as Becker Professional Education greatly broadens our offerings to our members around the world, providing an extensive and effective CPA and CFA exam preparation solution designed by experts in the field.
Nitin Mehta, managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at CFA Institute, said, "The increasing number of candidates sitting for the CFA exam in the Middle East provides strong evidence of the growing desire around the region to achieve global standards in integrity, education and professional excellence within the investment and financial communities.
In late 2011, Kaplan Schweser purchased the assets of Stalla Seminars, a leading competitor in CFA exam preparation.
LoudCloud CEO Manoj Kutty is enthusiastic about the partnership: "We are very pleased that LoudCloud was selected by The American College to launch their new CFA exam prep programs.
The CFA exam, recognised worldwide as the gold standard qualification for investment professionals, was conducted at 92 test centers in 55 cities in 31 countries worldwide, including Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.