Council of Economic Advisors

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Council of Economic Advisers

A committee of three members charged with advising the President of the United States on economic matters. Among its duties are helping the President formulate policy, interpreting data, and generally serving as the White House's resident experts on the economy. Each year, the Council prepares a report, which gives information on the state of the economy of the previous year and contains predictions for the coming year. The Council consists of a chairperson and two members, who are appointed by the President upon approval of the Senate. It is the subject of criticism at times because political considerations have been known to color its reports.
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Council of Economic Advisors (CEA).

The Council of Economic Advisors' job is to assist and advise the president of the United States on economic policy. The CEA differs from other government agencies in its academic orientation and emphasis on contemporary developments in economic thought.

The Council consists of a chairman and two staff members, appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate, plus a staff of about ten economists and ten younger scholars. The Council's chairman frequently speaks on behalf of the administration on economic issues and policies.

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We trust that this new fee structure will not adversely impact our publication and will, in fact, help draw authors into CEA membership and greater involvement in our professional community.
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Even with these recommendations, a CEA unavoidably has to put a price on the health impacts and regulatory costs involved in saving a QALY--that is, how much are we, as individuals and as a society, willing to pay per unit of gained healthy life?
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CEA's largest monthly gain was in September 2017, following hurricanes in the Southeastern U.S.
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