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Gammer is emphatic that CCS isn't an excuse for leaving the fossil fuel industry to continue its work unabated.
So why do politicians dislike CCS? 'Europe has had a storm and is still in the grips of economic malaise,' says Gammer succinctly, a position illustrated by the fate of the EU's once much-vaunted ZEP programme.
Looking back ruefully at what he describes as 'the burst of political enthusiasm' of the early 2000s, Dr Graeme Sweeney, ZEP's chairman, points to the economic collapses of 2008 as a key trigger for the move away from CCS. 'The financial crisis changed perspectives on many things, especially the appetite for risk,' he says.
'It's certainly fair to say that CCS is currently not on the path to deliver on its promises,' says Heidug, who cites a lack of long-term global vision and action on reducing C[O.sub.2] emissions.
The irony is that although Europe is hostile to CCS, the technology would be a very good fit for the continent.
Os valores logaritmicos reais da CCS microscopica e da CCS automatica estimados pela CCS microscopica, considerando as equacoes das curvas nao foram estatisticamente diferentes pelas coloracoes de HE (4,99 [+ or -] 0,82; P=0,90), BP (5,78 [+ or -] 0,54; P=0,09) e Rosenfeld (5,79 [+ or -] 0,56; P=0,23).
The CCS makes maximum use of the resources of the MPD, FBI, and the U.S.
The success of the CCS concept in Washington, DC, cannot be disputed.
The CCS brought to justice killers who might have committed additional homicides, thus preventing new cases in addition to solving old ones.
In addition, the CCS identified and located the shooter's companion in custody in another jurisdiction.
The CCS printetd hundreds of thousands of black-bordered postcards "in memory of the 35,000 Canadians who die annually from smoking-related illness." At the start of many meetings, the CCS and like-minded organizations set aside 10 minutues for each volunteer in attendance to send one of the cards or a letter urging MP and their party leaders to defy the tobacco lobby and pass the Tobacco Products Control Act.
Then the NSRA and the CCS sent the flyer to all of Stewart's more than 30,000 constituent households.