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In addition, CBT has two novel humanised monoclonal antibodies - CBT-501, targeting the Programmed Death-1 membrane receptor of immune cells, as well as Programmed Death Ligand-1 (PD-L1) (CBT-502) that restores the body's immune system to recognise and kill cancer cells.
Under the terms of the agreement, CBT shareholders will receive 2.
With strong evidence to support the use of both medication and CBT, providers have wondered whether a combined approach from the outset would have the greatest benefit for patients.
As there are no commercial parts yet, and as the plant that will be producing the CBT materials won't come on line until mid-2004, chances are this potential revolution won't occur in automotive for a few years.
And when children are taken off medication, their OCD symptoms often recur, while improvement after CBT lasts for years, especially in patients who come in occasionally for a refresher session.
Problem-solving and social-skills training of CBT are appropriate for primary prevention involving all students, because the goal of these techniques--enhancing coping mechanisms and interpersonal abilities--can be useful for any adolescent.
The overall results indicated CBT training to be more effective than IBT, which implies that corporations should consider CBT as a part of their training strategy.
The CBT systems adopted by IBM and Anixter were custom-designed, but the technology and educational precepts underlying these systems are finding their way into commercially-available products as well.
Fleming, Oklahoma City, is rolling out a CBT system to more than 200 of its company-owned stores in 1996, says Dave Brumley, vice president, human resources, Fleming Retail Group.
Pleasanton, California-based oncology therapeutics developer CBT Pharmaceuticals has dosed the first subject in the United States in the Phase 1 multi-center study of CBT-101, a specific oral inhibitor of the c-Met kinase, the company said.