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Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)

The second largest futures exchange in the US, and a pioneer in the development of financial futures and options.

Chicago Board of Trade

Established in 1848, it was the oldest options and futures exchange in the world when it ceased operations in 2007 after being acquired by and merged into the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.


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For information on the revised trading hours for CBOT agricultural products, please visit http://www.
The benefits of exchange-cleared OTC trades include daily mark to market, which allows customers to better manage their capital costs, and elimination of counterparty risk, CBOT said.
The public offering of the Class A common stock of CBOT Holdings, Inc.
CBOT noted that it is awaiting certification on the new contract from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
Assume that these insurers share the same expectations as the CBOT actuary on loss ratios for the pool of typical policies.
Market recaps will review activity in CBOT markets including corn, ethanol, soybeans, wheat and metals.
Due to the ever-changing nature of our markets, CBOT market participants must be able to access the timeliest information as they make important decisions," said Steve Dickey, vice president of market data products at the CBOT.
The factors that may affect our performance may be found in the Annual Report on Form 10-K and other periodic reports filed by CBOT Holdings, Inc.
The CBOT determined the need to update its existing mainframe-based telemanagement platform with a new OSS-focussed solution that would provide: a) better access to its data for reporting and decision-making, b) the ability to interface with other information systems, c) a greater degree of flexibility and customizability, d) a system that accurately modeled their unique processes, terminology, and equipment types, and e) improved interfaces to its diverse customer base.
The combination of CME and CBOT creates a strong international company better positioned to compete with growing global exchanges and the over-the-counter market.
At the CBOT, RJO increased its customer agricultural product market share from 4.
CME's 'Best and Final' Agreement Approved by CME and CBOT Boards of Directors