Confederation of British Industry

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Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

a UK organization which represents the collective interests of employers. The CBI is run by a centrally-elected committee, a secretariat, and a network of regional and local branches which provide a forum for company executives to meet and discuss affairs of mutual concern, and act as a means of disseminating information on the government's industrial policy European Union directives on employers' obligations, etc.

A major objective of the CBI is to promote industrial enterprise and efficiency, thereby helping the country to increase its wealth and create employment.

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Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

a UK organization that represents the collective interests of member companies in dealings with government and TRADE UNIONS.
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Following the FIR filed by the CBI, the ED had filed a case of money laundering against him.
It argued that the CBI publication was duplicative.
He said that manual signalling system was being shifted to CBI system which was more safer.
Shantonu Sen: Two top officials of the CBI have levelled serious allegations of corruption against each other and due to which it has caught media's attention.
There have been allegations that the CBI raid on Bansal's home continued till odd hours.
A total of 1,531 posts are vacant in CBI as against the sanctioned strength of 7,274.
Not one of the CBI's 140 trade association members, representing many thousands of smaller companies, said they favoured leaving.
The row erupted as Drechsler used his first address to the CBI's annual conference in London to call for action to boost the standard of education in Britain's schools.
I want to thank John and the CBI team for all their support over the years and to wish Carolyn Fairbairn all the best when she takes over the reins as director general later this year."
With the right people on board, along with the right training and support, we aim to be a leading bank in the development and empowerment of national human resources and to be recognized as the employer of choice for Emiratis." Added CBI's Head of Human Resources.
Ali Sultan Rakkad, head of CBI's Wholesale Banking Group, said: "SMEs represent a growing percentage in our portfolio.