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Certificates for Amortizing Revolving Debts

Pass-through securities backed by the receivables on credit cards. That is, they are debt securities in which the holders are entitled to the principal and interest on the credit card payments underlying them. CARDs are structured in a similar way to mortgage-backed securities.


References in classic literature ?
All Rostov's cards were beaten and he had eight hundred rubles scored up against him.
I know that I speak, for the last time, to one who cheats at cards," replied the fellow.
Trent dealt them out, looked at his own hand, and, keeping a pair of queens, took three more cards.
A small photograph, mounted on a card, fell out of the book.
Nothing can make matters worse than they are," she thought, despairingly, as Arnold dealt the cards for her.
Sarah recognised the first card she had typewritten that afternoon.
I saw cards on the table, but no gold; only a heap of little written papers, and these all on Cluny's side.
When we find him again, his mustachios and the title of Colonel on his card are the only relics of his military profession.
The speakers whom they had heard were two men, who had a pack of cards and some silver money between them, while upon the screen itself the games they had played were scored in chalk.
Miss Garth looked down at the card in her hand, and looked up again in blank astonishment.
But you must give me your card," Newman said; "your card, you know.
Emily looked at some lines of writing at the back of the card.