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Capital Asset Pricing Model

A model that attempts to describe the relationship between the risk and the expected return on an investment that is used to determine an investment's appropriate price. The assumption behind the CAPM is that money has two values: a time value and a risk value. Thus, any risky asset or investment must compensate the investor for both the time his/her money is tied up in the investment and the investment's relative riskiness. This compensation must be in addition to the risk-free rate of return. There are a number of variations on the CAPM, notably the multifactor CAPM and the two-factor model. The CAPM is calculated according to the following formula:

ra = rf + Betaa(rm - rf)


ra is the asset price,
rf is the risk-free rate of return,
Betaa is the risk premium, and

rm is the market rate of return.


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