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Recently, CAIS was profiled in Asia Society's "Creating a Chinese Language Program in Your School: An Introductory Guide" as a case study for successful Chinese-English immersion education.
CAIS Internet is headquartered in Washington, DC and operates a Cisco-powered, coast-to-coast OC-12 clear-channel Internet and ATM Network, and peers with public and private partners, and at national exchange points.
CAIS Internet is headquartered in Washington, DC, with two subsidiaries in California, CAIS Software Solutions and Business Anywhere.
CAIS also announced today that John Saer, an Executive of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company, will join the Board of Directors while Ulysses G.
CAIS currently peers with public and private partners, as well as at national exchange points MAE East, MAE East ATM, MAE West and AADS.
For more information about CAIS, please visit the website at www.
CAIS installs low cost, convenient in-building networks and offers content service for multiple users with proprietary and patented technologies.
CAIS Internet currently is the designated Internet access solution for more than 1.
The customer experience is the result of a one-stop, integrated solutions package of innovative CAIS network access and technologies, IPORT software, customer support, portal content and systems.
We are pleased to offer CAIS Internet our fourth generation broadband satellite products featuring our new DirecPC two-way service which will be available later this fall.
CAIS will also derive additional revenue opportunities from the replacement of Hilton's existing intra-company data network at all hotels and will be the exclusive bandwidth provider to a newly formed Hilton interactive television venture.
We are confident that CAIS Internet's real estate customers will embrace the benefits of our `broadband everywhere' technology.
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