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Because CAI observes a June 30 fiscal year, it is currently in the process of preparing its year end financial statements, a process that normally requires 60 days.
In his new role, Blizzard will lead the company's Membership Services Division that includes all of the services available to CAI member organizations, including advice and resolution, surveys, compliance tools and legislative advocacy.
While they work diligently to support the efforts of federal and state CAI Inc.
We acquired IRDI as part of a strategic move to consolidate our automotive expertise with CAI and CAPE to create an integrated national centre of excellence in automotive education, training and research," Kennedy says.
Last year, Kohn and Liotta found that CAI prevented malignant melanoma cells from moving around in a culture dish.
Based on predominant CAI designated summary Holland Code, this cluster was labelled accordingly as the Realistic-Technical cluster.
Kim has earned the CMCA, AMS and PCAM designations and is an active member of CAI and currently serves as the Chapter Executive Director for the CAI - New Mexico Chapter.
Additionally, CAI purchased ClearPointt, which is an established inter-modal transportation company in 2015 and as CAI Logistics, it will continue to provide customised service and transportation solutions.
8220;In my role, I will be able to present issues for discussion that impact CAI member organizations, as well as gain insight on the issues other parties are facing regarding workers' compensation administration in North Carolina.
CAI members include homeowners, associations and related professionals and service providers.
The event will include a review of the many changes made over the years within CAI and the HR industry as a whole.