delivery versus payment

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Delivery versus payment

A in which the buyer's payment for securities is due at transaction the time of delivery (usually to a bank acting as agent for the buyer) upon receipt of the securities. The payment may be made by bank wire, check, or direct credit to an account.
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Delivery versus Payment

A settlement procedure in which the buyer and the seller of a security agree that the seller will pay the buyer upon the security's delivery to the seller. This agreement is designed to reduce risk to both parties: if the delivery and payment do not occur at the same time there is a risk, however small, of theft by one party or the other. It is more commonly known as cash on delivery.
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delivery versus payment (DVP)

A settlement procedure in which a customer instructs that he or she will make immediate payment upon delivery of the purchased security. Also called cash on delivery. Compare receive versus payment.
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The instructions for the UPS C.O.D. Tag read in part: "Cash Only" must be entered on instructions line and box checked on receipts if driver is not to accept check issued by or on behalf of consignee [i.e., McFadden].
The C.O.D. instructions copied from the UPS Service Manual are shown in figure two.
If the debtor has the funds on hand to pay C.O.D., then it can pay C.I.A.
As a result of this experience, the Vendor now has a new C.O.D. policy in place, including a reclamation letter ready to go out if the need arises.
C.O.D. means, for all purposes, Collect On Delivery
Preparation and Listing of C.O.D. Packages: C.O.D.s are accepted for amounts up to $50,000 per package.
Responsibility for C.O.D.s: UPS will collect for C.O.D.
Consignee's Checks in Payment of C.O.D.s: Unless instructions to collect cash only are shown on the C.O.D.