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The transaction brings Byline's total assets to approximately $5.3 billion, based on information as of March 31.
Nick Bonsanto is a national sportscaster based in Las Vegas, where he hosted Not Just Sports on KDWN AM 720 prior to joining the Sports Byline Radio Network with his Nick Bonsanto Show.
Reich explained that the byline is a relatively new phenomenon in the history of journalism and that newspapers as respected as The New York Times went out of their way to avoid using bylines as a means of underplaying the importance of the individual reporters.
E01: The byline should read "Chen PV, Osborne R, Ahn E, Avitia S, Abemayor E, Juillard G" [corrected to add omitted author's name--Abemayor E].
He published a Page One editor's note to readers explaining today's byline strike at his paper.
If a wire story is very enterprising and unique, we would almost always give it a byline. If it's a brief, we would usually not give it a byline and just credit the wire source."
His first byline was about Granite City teachers getting a pay raise that made them the best paid in the area.
But none of that explains things like, say, how someone else's byline got on the story and the wire service got no credit.
That earlier byline endeavor already brought Astarita south of Eboli where, Carlo Levi reminds us, even Christ did not go; to describe Pentidattilo, the locale of his latest investigation, as godforsaken is no exaggeration.
For example, slogans or bylines on business cards can often be especially challenging to translate into another language.
Samantha Ibarguen's "environmental resume" includes a week of Earth Day activities for high-school students, a walk in the Everglades with a president, newspaper bylines, and a host of local and national awards.