buy the book

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Buy the book

An order typically from a large institutional investor to a broker to purchase all the shares available at the market from the specialist and other brokers and dealers at the current offer price. The book refers to the record a specialist kept before the advent of computers.

Buy the Book

An order to a broker to buy all shares of a security available at the current offer price, whether from one specialist or from everyone willing to sell. Large institutional investors usually make this order. The term comes from record books specialists kept before they began to use computers.

buy the book

An order to purchase all of a security offered at the current ask price. The purchase is made from the specialist, dealers, and other holders willing to sell at the specified price.
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"Everyone who buys the book from me on Saturday, July 16, will also receive a special voucher, giving them 10% off everything they buy from the bookshop up to Christmas," added Mrs Benster.
Christopher, of nearby Achmore, Stromeferry, buys the books and sells the tickets on to visitors for pounds 3.50 each.