buyer's broker

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Buyer's Broker

In a real estate transaction, the agent who represents the potential buyer of a property. The buyer's broker is responsible for representing the buyer's interest and trying to achieve the best price and terms on the deal. The buyer's broker receives a commission on the value of the sale of property.
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buyer's broker

An agency relationship in which the broker represents the buyer rather than the seller.This is typical in commercial real estate transactions,but relatively rare in residential real estate brokerage. For residential brokerage, most agents “working with” buyers are actually subagents of the seller.

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"In reality, NAR rules specifically direct listing brokers to determine--in consultation with their clients--the amount of compensation to offer buyers' brokers in connection with their MLS listings," the Association argues.
The chart only includes sellers' brokers, because buyers' brokers' names are not available in city data or listings.
This practice potentially creates a disincentive for home sellers or their brokers to offer less than the prevailing rate, since buyers' brokers may show high-commission properties first.
In particular, these commenters express concern that financial holding companies acting as buyers' brokers may pressure or require buyers to use the financial holding company's mortgage product (to the exclusion of loans from other lenders) or may fail to refer buyers to other lenders who might have more competitive mortgage products.
They could still be the agent or subagent of the seller, but they could also become buyers' brokers, i.e., brokers who represented only the buyer's interests, regardless of whether the seller pays the broker's commission.
"Through our marketing platform, we were able to achieve prices more than 33 percent higher than the top offers the owner received both directly and through buyers' brokers before engaging us.
Shvo said the practice of shutting buyers' brokers out is "going on everywhere now," adding that the cause was a lack of inventory.