Buyer's agent

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Buyer's Agent

A person or company that represents the potential buyer in a real estate transaction. The buyer's agent, in exchange for a commission or fee, attempts to negotiate the seller to a more favorable price and/or better terms. A buyer's agent contrasts with a real estate agent, who represents the seller.

Buyer's agent.

A buyer's agent represents a buyer in a real estate transaction, negotiating with the seller's agent for a lower price or a contract with more favorable terms.

A real estate agent or broker, on the other hand, represents the seller. Although that agent customarily shows the property to prospective buyers, his or her primary obligation is to the seller.

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Since then, the real estate industry itself has undergone significant changes, and savvy buyers' agents, faced with a market where the competition for the few homes that are listed for sale is fierce, are embracing the ReboGateway system as an efficient way to connect their buyers with potential sellers.
While this means that listing agents and sellers are doing well, those buyers' agents who rely on old tactics and don't change with the times are struggling, as are their clients.
8220;I'm actually having buyers' agents call me and offer to give me their client to represent on both sides of the transaction,” said veteran listing agent and real estate coach Jeff Petsche in a video on ReboReports.
Unlike these buyers' agents, who essentially put all the power (and proceeds) in the hands of the listing agents, some buyers' agents are starting to take initiative, looking to create listings specifically for their buyer.
Buyer's Agent Muriel Bijeau earned top honors for the team's buyers' agents, while independent broker Doug Muhle took the nod among the firm's independent agents.