Buyer's agent

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Buyer's Agent

A person or company that represents the potential buyer in a real estate transaction. The buyer's agent, in exchange for a commission or fee, attempts to negotiate the seller to a more favorable price and/or better terms. A buyer's agent contrasts with a real estate agent, who represents the seller.

Buyer's agent.

A buyer's agent represents a buyer in a real estate transaction, negotiating with the seller's agent for a lower price or a contract with more favorable terms.

A real estate agent or broker, on the other hand, represents the seller. Although that agent customarily shows the property to prospective buyers, his or her primary obligation is to the seller.

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Additionally, this gives the buyers' agent more control over the sales cycle, and may even enable the agent to represent both sides of the transaction.
She plans to add one buyers' agent a year for the first five years of her company.
She is a member of the Real Estate Buyers' Agent Council of the National Association of Realtors and a member of the Graduate Realtors Institute.
Our unique structure eliminates conflicts of interest inherent in most buyers' agent commission models.
com)-- Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS[R] announces that buyers' agent Muriel Bijeau has earned the Agent of the Month honor for February, 2012, capping a strong month among buyers' agent sales.
At the end of the month, buyers' agent Pamela Mansueti earned agent of the month honors, narrowly edging out fellow buyers' agent Sherrie Ferrell.
com)-- Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS[R] welcome Kim Crump to the Team as a Buyers' Agent.
As a buyers' agent, ACS locates or orders the vehicle, negotiates a competitive price and arranges for delivery.
Life Partners acts as a buyers' agent in viatical transactions, which enable AIDS patients and others with terminal illness to obtain cash for their life insurance policies prior to death.
They are offering bonuses and higher commissions to buyers' agents to get a house sold.
com are the top two channels most buyers and buyers' agents use to find homes.
Buyer's Agent Muriel Bijeau earned top honors for the team's buyers' agents, while independent broker Doug Muhle took the nod among the firm's independent agents.