Buyer's agent

Buyer's Agent

A person or company that represents the potential buyer in a real estate transaction. The buyer's agent, in exchange for a commission or fee, attempts to negotiate the seller to a more favorable price and/or better terms. A buyer's agent contrasts with a real estate agent, who represents the seller.
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Buyer's agent.

A buyer's agent represents a buyer in a real estate transaction, negotiating with the seller's agent for a lower price or a contract with more favorable terms.

A real estate agent or broker, on the other hand, represents the seller. Although that agent customarily shows the property to prospective buyers, his or her primary obligation is to the seller.

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Real estate brokerage Redfin (NASDAQ:RDFN) on Thursday reported that it will publish the commission offered to the buyer's agent for homes that a Redfin agent is hired to sell on
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 30, 2019-Redfin to publish buyer's agent commission
These brokers are able to meet the needs of self-storage investors and owners whether it is acting as a buyer's agent or listing and marketing a property.
On the MLS listing, he had stated that he would pay only a 1% commission to the buyer's agent, rather than the usual 2.5% to 3%.
SIMPLE's fee structure combines a capped $50,000 fee to SIMPLE (sellside) and a 2.5 percent sales commission to the buyer's agent (buyside).
They bemoan what they claim to be the now increasingly required giving of luck money, whereby those selling horses are compelled to hand over a percentage of sale proceeds to the buyer's agent.
Short previously worked for the National Association of Realtors as Managing Director of the Center for Realtor Development, Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council, NAR's Military Relocation Professional Certification and NAR's Green Designation.
During the initial DTV transition in 1998-2002, some half of the roughly 1,600 TV stations on the air had in-house RF engineers; today, that figure is more like 200, according to buyer's agent Jim Heard, who owns DTVPros.
"You have one or two seconds to capture the buyer or buyer's agent's attention, and you need to sell [your home] as effectively and efficiently as possible," said the study's lead author, Bennie Waller.
Denver-based TRELORA charges clients $1,700 to list a home and allows them to choose a flat fee co-op, commonly $3,000, for the buyer's agent. Thus, on a $450,000 sale a TRELORA client would pay a total of $4,700, whereas the tab on a 5.8 percent commission would come to $25,200.
Hyams worked as a buyer's agent, listing specialist and team leader of the Las Vegas office and is now working as the assistant team leader in Bellingham.