buyer's broker

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Buyer's Broker

In a real estate transaction, the agent who represents the potential buyer of a property. The buyer's broker is responsible for representing the buyer's interest and trying to achieve the best price and terms on the deal. The buyer's broker receives a commission on the value of the sale of property.

buyer's broker

An agency relationship in which the broker represents the buyer rather than the seller.This is typical in commercial real estate transactions,but relatively rare in residential real estate brokerage. For residential brokerage, most agents “working with” buyers are actually subagents of the seller.

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Clients are able to choose the commission they are willing to pay buyer's brokers.
According to Mathieson, Corcoran agreed to let buyer's brokers see apartments three days before the Times article came out Jan.
Traditionally, a buyer's broker splits a commission, paid by the seller, with the seller's broker.
A recent survey shows that buyer's brokers save buyers, on average, five percent.