Buyer's agent

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Buyer's Agent

A person or company that represents the potential buyer in a real estate transaction. The buyer's agent, in exchange for a commission or fee, attempts to negotiate the seller to a more favorable price and/or better terms. A buyer's agent contrasts with a real estate agent, who represents the seller.

Buyer's agent.

A buyer's agent represents a buyer in a real estate transaction, negotiating with the seller's agent for a lower price or a contract with more favorable terms.

A real estate agent or broker, on the other hand, represents the seller. Although that agent customarily shows the property to prospective buyers, his or her primary obligation is to the seller.

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"By law, buyer's agents must represent the best interests of their clients.
Condo shoppers who snap up a two-bedroom unit at the Stahl Organization's building by March 31 will receive $10,000 to put toward closing costs plus a free two months of common charges, while buyer's agents will get a 5 percent commission.
Dave Stueck of Century 21 is the listing agent, and Ron Stephenson and June Stanaway are the buyer's agents.
Ernie Millette of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage of Laconia told the Laconia Citizen that he and his wife, Dianne Crawshaw, are acting as buyer's agents for an out-of-state client who has entered into a purchase-and-sales agreement for the F.W.
Each hour-long episode follows a pair of buyer's agents in the hunt for the perfect home, as stipulated by actual buyers.
Many books on home buying are also recommending the use of a buyer's agent. Buyer's agents can and will:
For the past 4 years, Michelle headed The Island Girl Team at Paradise Exclusive, which includes buyer's agents Melissa Mutkoski and Anita Gross.
Caption: "As true buyer's agents, we wanted to introduce Evans Real Estate Investments to the Upper West Side neighborhood with our version of a house-warming party," said Karina Sagiev, managing partner of Evans Real Estate Investments, as she cut the ribbon to officially open the firm's new Lincoln Center office.
This team based at Keller Williams Mandeville has buyer's agents and listing agents who are capable of servicing every kind of home sale in their area.
Strategic Development and Construction Group and Lemle & Wolff, Inc., developers of Beacon Towers, the new co-op in Harlem, announced a gilt card incentive to buyer's agents whose clients close on units.
The Showing Suite mobile app has four unique versions available for listing agents, sellers, buyer's agents, and home buyers.
Buyer's agents who can present their clients offer in person to the seller could demonstrate to the seller more of a seriousness of the buyer's intention.