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For the 2018 ranking, Institutional Investor collected the opinions of 3,046 portfolio managers and buy-side analysts, and 1,002 sell-side analysts.
This includes buy-side analysts, money managers and sell-side researchers at securities firms and financial institutions that cover Asia.
A careful analysis of the situation reveals that investment teams, buy-side analysts in particular, are not the problem; instead it is the system that sprang up for distributing funds.
The survey is based on the opinion of nearly 700 buy-side analysts and portfolio managers at 367 institutions that manage an estimated USD261bn in Brazilian equities and USD139bn in Brazilian debt.
The 2014 All-India Research Team reflects the opinions of more than 250 buy-side analysts and portfolio managers at nearly 170 institutions that collectively manage an estimated $98 billion in Indian equity assets.
Airbus's chief executive officer Thomas Enders is regarded as the top CEO in the aerospace and defence sector by both buy-side analysts at leading investment management companies and sell-side analysts at securities firms.
Delta said it was ranked as a "Most Honored company" by the magazine, which surveyed investment buy-side analysts, portfolio managers and sell-side analysts at securities firms and financial institutions across the U.
To compile the rankings, 457 sell-side analysts were evaluated by Canadian and international portfolio managers and buy-side analysts against the various criteria for a total of 3,594 analyst evaluations across 28 sectors.
Buy-side analysts tend to recommend stocks that are less volatile and more liquid than those recommended by sell-side analysts, according to a new working paper from Harvard Business School.
Winners were selected through an independent survey of 371 sell-side and buy-side analysts and portfolio managers conducted by Hong Kong-based TNS Hong Kong.
The magazine also ranked Applebee's investor relations team, led by CFO Steve Lumpkin and Vice President of Investor Relations Carol DiRaimo, as the best in the industry as determined by a national survey of buy-side analysts and portfolio managers.