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You couldn't buy them back for less'n three hundred thousand and then some," was William's effort at squelching him.
London, July 29 ( ANI ): Millionaire singer Susan Boyle donated her old clothes to a charity shop only to buy them back.
While Yangyang Chemical will lease them back for eight years and will also have rights to buy them back at a nominal price after clearing the payment at the expiration date of the leasing contract.
They then sell the shares and when the time comes to return them to the lender, seek to buy them back at a lower price.
I lived on the Boot Estate for 43 years and I was interested in your remark that the Housing Act enforced councils to sell off houses to pay their debts, so where did they get the money to buy them back a few years later for more than they sold them for?
AN entrepreneur has come up with a cost-cutting, ecofriendly offer for customers who buy his Christmas trees - keep them watered and he'll buy them back.
The fact that people can sell shares they don't own in the hope that they will fall in value so they can buy them back cheaper is just as silly an idea as an old lady getting her butler drunk by making him consume the drinks of absent guests.
If he sells them on eBay, he is going to have to buy them back for me
As for the 30 billion yen portion of preferred shares, the Bank of Yokohama plans to buy them back from RCC as soon as possible after the bank's stockholders meeting in late June.
The Ministry will sell shares in the country's largest oil and gas company PTT, and national carrier, Thai Airways International, with plans to buy them back within three years, the newspaper said, citing a plan approved earlier in the month by the government cabinet.
They had been bequeathed to the museum but they wouldn't simply let us have them - we had to buy them back.
Under the agreement Iain Crichton kept more than pounds 50,000 worth of lamps at his premises in Stornoway with the promise the Western Isles Council would buy them back if he lost the contract.