buy order

Buy order

An order to a broker to purchase a specific quantity of a security.

Buy Order

An instruction from an investor to a broker to buy a certain amount of a security. Buy orders may take various forms. For example, an investor may instruct the broker to buy immediately at the best available price, or to wait until a certain price is reached. See also: Sell order.

buy order

A brokerage order to purchase a specified quantity of a security.
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Who can honestly suggest that someone - me, people at Dexia or Marc-Albert Obadia - could know at the time of his purchase that in a month there will be another buy order from Dexia?
The remaining portion of the iceberg buy order was cancelled, and a new iceberg buy order for 200 lots was entered but at a lower price.
buy order - above the highest high +5 pips<br> - sell order - below the lowest low and -5 pips
Justin Bates, analyst at the Liverpool office of stockbroker Numis, attributed the rapid rise to a badly executed buy order, with a dealer giving the false impression he was in the market for a very large number of shares.
has announced it has seen a dramatic increase in the number of investors purchasing loans using the Standing Buy Order feature of the firm's electronic secondary mortgage marketplace, www.
The new tool helps users to export inventory, buy order data from InstantGMP and upload it to QuickBooks instead of updating it in several applications.
If the money doesn't reach the firm three days after the buy order, your dub may be fined or penalized and put on a restricted list.
Summary: Within the last 45 minutes our Forex Buy/Sell Automated Trading Signals placed a buy order on the GBPJPY using the Eoe1/4EoRange1Eoe1/4Ci system.